Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Victorian Poetry Prints (+ etsy shop)

Long time, no blog! I've been busy this past month with a new adventure: creating prints featuring 19th-century illustrations and poetry.

Byron - "She Walks in Beauty" - Victorian Poetry Print

These are Victorian pictorial engravings, line art that once illustrated mid-19th-century books, long out of copyright and in the public domain. I'm remixing them, giving them a modern touch by digitally hand-colouring them. Each painting takes me about eight hours. I really love breathing new life into what are already lovely works of art. I hope the original artists and engravers would be pleased to see these 21st-century adaptations of their creations.

Keats - "Bright Star" - Victorian Poetry Print

Each illustration is paired with a few lines of 19th-century poetry, mostly the Romantic poets (but my definition of 'Romantic poet' is pretty broad and non-canonical). I try to choose poems that fit the mood of the artwork, so that the one complements and illuminates the other. I wonder if the poets would be happy with the prints, too... I imagine some would think them too sentimental (Byron, I'm looking at you!)

Blake - "To See a World in a Grain of Sand" - Victorian Poetry Print

I originally began making these for myself, then thought they'd look wonderful in a neo-Victorian parlor, or a romantic boudoir, or a steampunk study. They're high quality borderless inkjet prints, 8.5" x 11", on heavy cardstock. You can find them here in my etsy shop. I'll be adding a new print every week or so. ♥

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